Thursday, May 13, 2010

JBC accepts three papers on structures of peroxisomal enzymes

Running Title - Redox control of peroxisomal thiolase
Valerie Pye et al
• Crystal structures of KAT from Arabidopsis thaliana and Helianthus annuus solved to 1.5 Å and 1.8 Å resolution
• The Arabidopsis KAT is a peroxisomal protein carrying N-terminal Type 2 Peroxisomal Targeting Signal (PTS2) RQX5HL
• Since PTS2 and adjacent residues form disordered structures, Authors have solved the structure for 36-462 residues of KAT

Running Title - Structure of Multi-functional Protein, MFP2
Susan Arent et al
• MFP2 is 725 amino acids protein with C-terminal Peroxisomal Targeting Signal (PTS1) with sequence SRL
• The structure of the full-length AtMFP2 reported in this paper is the first structure of a full-length peroxisomal MFP
• Resolution of crystal structure: 2.50 Å

Prasad Kasaragod et al
Running Title - The crystal structure of rat peroxisomal MFE1
• MFE1 is 727 amino acids protein with C-terminal PTS1 sequence SKL
• Crystal structure of CoA liganded full length Rat Peroxisomal type 1 MultiFunctional Enzyme solved at 2.8Å resolution.

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