Monday, June 14, 2010

AOP (Advance Online Post)

Dear Researchers,

Its getting exciting each time.
My exercise of reading every bits and pieces of current peroxisome literature, has led me to know very interesting features of peroxisomes. I can bet that you wont get to know them anywhere else in one place but here..!

I would be researching more information on these topics and post on the blog in coming weeks
  1. Peroxisome fields in Deepest sea basin.! 
  2. How an organism uses extensive peroxisome network to survive in toxic sulfide rich but oxygen depleted environment of the deep sea basin. (surprisingly, the same peroxisome network is absent when they are grown in oxygen rich conditions... time to rethink our notion that peroxisomes evolved for aerobic life!)

  3. Crystal structure of peroxisome?
  4. Alcohol oxidase and urate oxidase are widely known for forming crystalloid cores in yeast and humans respectively. Catalase was never thought to do so. But recent discovery of catalase cores in plants surviving in extreme cold environment and protozoans living in anoxic deep sea basins... Does peroxisome play structural role and not just metabolic one?

  5. Going to the roots of symbiosis
  6. Legume plants fix nitrogen using symbiotic association with rhizobia. The establishment of this symbiosis is regulated by complex host-symbiont signalling. The missing links in this cascade and involvement of peroxisomes is emerging..!

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