Friday, July 9, 2010

Before Pubmed..!

New High Impact Peroxisome Paper in Current Biology (Cell Press) (2009 Impact Factor - 10.992)

Vps35 Mediates Vesicle Transport between the Mitochondria and Peroxisomes
Emélie Braschi et al.
Prof.Dr.Heidi M. McBride.
University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Canada.
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McBride group had previously shown that Mitochondria derived vesicles(MDV) can carry specific cargos to peroxisomes.
Cargo-Selected Transport from the Mitochondria to Peroxisomes Is Mediated by Vesicular Carriers
Neuspiel et al, Current Biology, 2008

In the recent stunning findings, McBride group reports that MDV transport between mitochondria and peroxisomes requires Vps35 and Vps26a, the components of Retromer complex which is required for endosome to golgi complex transport.

"Does Peroxisome turn Midwife??"

Fis1, Dnm1, MAVS, maybe prohibitins... the list of mitochondrial proteins having roles in peroxisome function is increasing.

There is another new paper accepted in MCB (Impact factor 5.9) 

This paper establishes Hep27 as authentic mitochondrial protein but also somehow localized to nucleus. Interestingly, Hep27 has a putative PTS1 (TRL) and hence also predicted to be peroxisomal (Ref.). This type of targeting signal architecture does indeed regulate spatio-temporal distribution of proteins, since a protein with both N-terminal MTS and C-terminal PTS1 will get sorted to mitochondria first and since mature form lacks MTS the PTS1 can function for further peroxisomal sorting

Authors of the above MCB paper speculate whether mature mitochondrial Hep27 is transported to nucleus via peroxisomes by Mitochondria Derived Vesicles (see MDV-peroxisome paper in Current Biology).
If confirmed, this novel route of "Mitochondria --> Peroxisomes--> ER? --> Nucleus" might uncover unanticipated complexities than ever expected!!
since Hep27 is interacting with C-Myb (Proto-oncogene), Mdm2 and stabilizing p53, it will be under intense investigation in future.

Identification of Mitochondrial-derived Vesicles

P Rippstein,M Neuspiel,A Schauss,V Soubannier,E Braschi and HM McBride (2010).

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