Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Updates of the week 12-18 July 2010

New Peroxisome Papers

Niche - High-Throughput screening
Journal - International Journal of High Throughput Screening
North Carolina Central University
Fig.1 from the paper..

Niche - Three Minireviews in the FEBS Journal.
MINIREVIEW SERIES - Peroxisomes as dynamic organelles
Introduction to review series by Prof. Ida J. van der Klei

Peroxisomes as dynamic organelles: autophagic degradation
Masahide Oku et al.
From the group of Prof. Yasuyoshi Sakai,
Kyoto University, Japan

Peroxisomes as dynamic organelles: peroxisome abundance in yeast
Ruchi Saraya et al.
From the group of Prof. Ida J. van der Klei
University of Groningen, Netherlands

Peroxisomes as dynamic organelles: peroxisomal matrix protein import
Janina Wolf et al.
From the group of Prof. Ralf Erdmann
Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

Niche - Review
Peroxin 5: a cycling receptor for protein translocation into peroxisomes
Chris P. Williams, Will Stanley
Journal - The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology

Niche - Case report
Refsum’s Disease – Use of the Intestinal Lipase Inhibitor, Orlistat as a Novel Therapeutic Approach to a Complex Disorder
Journal - Journal of Obesity
Provisional PDF from the publisher - Link 
Nimalie Perera et al.
From the group of Prof. David R. Sullivan
Authors report the results of novel therapy on Refsum disease patients with intestinal lipase inhibitor orlistat. Authors observed significant reduction in phytanic acid levels and retardation of dermatological and neurological symptoms.

Niche - Cell signalling
Spermidine Oxidase-derived H2O2 Regulates Pollen Plasma Membrane Hyperpolarization-activated Ca2+-permeable Channels and Pollen Tube Growth
Journal - The Plant Journal
Juyou Wu et al.
From the group of Prof. Shaoling Zhang
Nanjing Agricultural University, China
Authors identified that Arabidopsis peroxisomal polyamine oxidases (PAO) oxidize spermidine to release H2O2 which acts as messenger for inducing the opening of Ca2+-permeable channels. This event is critical for pollen tube growth.
(on larger note, this paper hints towards peroxisome as source for critical cellular signal transduction events like mitochondria.)

(This simplified diagrammatic representation of the results from above paper is made by me using

Mitochondrial dysfunction and reduced prostaglandin synthesis in skeletal muscle of group VIB Ca2+-indpendent phospholipase A2 (iPLA2γ) deficient mice
Journal - Journal of Lipid Research
Emiko Yoda et al.
From the group of Prof. Shuntaro Hara
iPLA2γ (Group VIB Ca2+-independent phospholipase A2) has dual mitochondrial (N-terminal) as well as peroxisomal localization signals (C-terminal SKL). (Ref.)

Niche - From EBEC Abstract book
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenergetics
Peroxisomal transporters associated with β-oxidation
Theodoulou et al.

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