Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update of the week (6 September - 13 September 2010)

New Paper in JBC
Conserved and novel functions for Arabidopsis MIA40 in assembly of proteins in mitochondria and peroxisomes
Chris Carrie et al.
From the group of Prof. Jim Whelan
University of Western Australia

New Paper in Journal of Cell Science (JCS, Impact Factor - 6.14)
Koch et al.
From the group of Dr. Cecile Brocard

New Paper in Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease (Impact Factor 3.6)
An adult onset case of alpha-methyl-acyl-CoA racemase deficiency
Mayo Clinic, USA
Background - AMACR is a peroxisomal protein in humans which contains unusual C-terminal PTS1 (KASL). AMCAR is also localized to mitochondria with N-terminal topogenic signal as characterized by Amery L. et al. Most interestingly AMACR is demonstrated to be Molecular Marker for Prostate Cancer by Jun Luo et al.

New Paper in Biochemical Journal (Impact Factor 5.15)
Ullán RV et al.
From the group of Dr. Juan F. Martín
University of León, Spain

New review in Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics (Impact Factor 2.991)
Phyllis L Faust et al
Columbia University

Poster by Anna Petroni et al. (from 2007 conference)
Metabolism of 8-Iso-PGF2alpha is impaired by CLA in fibroblasts from patients affected by X-ALD
Powerpoint file 
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