Friday, September 24, 2010

Stories behind Nobel

Christian de Duve alongwith Albert claude and George Palade received Nobel prize in physiology or medicine in 1974 "for their discoveries concerning the structural and functional organization of the cell"

de Duve discovered peroxisomes, the organelle which harbors still some more mysteries about its roles and origin. Here is the video of interview with Christian de Duve from Web of stories. Not just one or two videos but whooping 106 videos on the web of stories website.

Its so inspiring to watch him speaking on different topics. I hope every peroxisome researcher will like to listen to it.

a quote from one of the video
"I'm not a genius, I didn't invent relativity, or discover relativity, I didn't discover the double helix, I'm not a colourful personality like Francis Crick or Jim Watson, Richard Feynman and so on. So, I'm just a rather ordinary person with a slightly out of ordinary experience"

de Duve talking about family background

For next videos visit the web of stories website

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