Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Paper - Study on Pex5 ancillary binding site for SCP2

The Peroxisomal Targeting Signal 1 in sterol carrier protein 2 is autonomous and essential for receptor recognition
Williams CP et al.
BMC Biochemistry 2011, 12:12
Published: 4 March 2011
Brief Summary - Authors studied the second, ancillary receptor-cargo binding site in Pex5 for the PTS1 protein SCP2 distinct from the PTS1 itself. Point mutation in Pex5 were done to check the effects on Pex5-SCP2 binding which was found to be moderately reduced in binding assays but the effect was not visible using in vivo localisation assays. Authors conclude that the second binding site in Pex5 is not essential for at least SCP2 indicating PTS1 is alone sufficient for its peroxisomal targeting.

Mutations within the ancillary SCP2 binding site of Pex5p do not impair peroxisomal import

PTS1 of SCP2 is essential and sufficient for peroxisomal targeting

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