Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Latest peroxisome articles from high impact journal "The Plant Cell"

Two latest articles about plant peroxisomes from journal "The Plant Cell"
Impact Factor - 10.679

Identification of Novel Plant Peroxisomal Targeting Signals by a Combination of Machine Learning Methods and in Vivo Subcellular Targeting Analyses
Lingner T et al.
First Published on April 12, 2011

Arabidopsis ABERRANT PEROXISOME MORPHOLOGY9 Is a Peroxin That Recruits the PEX1-PEX6 Complex to Peroxisomes
Shino Goto et al.
First Published on April 12, 2011

Treat for the eyes

I thought of introducing an additional feature to this research blog by making it semi-informal.
I would extend the blogposts about peroxisomes with suitable interesting and sometimes non-scientific material like pictures suiting the mood of article or useful links, pictures, video etc.

Stunning photography by my friend Rakesh Chandode
"Beauty of plants"
Link to other galleries of eye-catching pics by Rakesh Chandode on National Geogrpahic

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  1. The novel plant peroxin seems the equivalent Pex26 from mammals and Pex15 in yeast which anchor Pex1 Pex6 complexes.

    And about the picture, I love the way Rakesh captured the Almost perfect symmetry in nature. The blurry yet colorful background of the leaves enhances the beauty to yet higher level