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  1. great job Vishal. Keep it up and all the best!..

  2. Thank you anonymous commenter.
    Nice to know that at least someone is reading my blog and appreciate the efforts behind it.!

  3. good job Vishal.
    I discovered your blog two days ago and I liked so much that I'm going to add the link to PeroxisomeDB.

    Now PeroxisomeDB is on Facebook and we want to encorage all users to add commentaries to improve Peroxisome database.

    I think Aurora Pujol group is missing in "Peroxisome Research Groups". We are in The Bellvitge Institute of Biomedical Research (IDIBELL) in Barcelona

    all the best,


  4. Thanks a lot Agatha,
    I indeed found peroxisomeDB a very valuable tool for peroxisome researchers and I too use it lot of times. All the best for its future developments.

    I have added the Pujol group link in the Directory. Thanks for suggestion. ( I am new to peroxisome field since its my first year of PhD. That is why I am still not aware of some groups, I will keep updating as I come to know about them).

    And I am also grateful to you for adding link to my Blog on PeroxisomeDB.

  5. Great Vishal I apreciate reading your updates on peroxisomes. Continue like this, it ´s great!

  6. Great job Vishal. Indeed its very interesting and like your efforts. All the best. Srikanth Karnati, Giessen

  7. great blog!
    I'm a postdoc in Suresh Subramani's Lab and stumbled upon this blog.
    Keep up the good work!
    Gaurav Agrawal

  8. great blog! I'm in the final recruitment phase for Perfume project and really wish I can get a place in this field!

  9. Hi,

    In your fight PDB section you could include a link to The Gobal Foundation for Peroxisonal Biogenesis Disorders ( A great group for families of children affected by these disorders.

    Many thanks.

  10. I wish you had a database of everyone studying peroxisomes!

  11. Hi ,
    I'm a masters' student working in Joseph Hacia's lab. Found your blog while writing my thesis. It's awesome! Great job! Found it through the website. You've really covered all ground here and the list of opportunities in peroxisome research also helps especially for people like me just starting out their academic lives.